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History of MMS

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Water Purification Drops 28% were discovered almost by accident. While prospecting and assaying for gold, as a metallurgist, in Central America, the co-workers could no longer work as they became overcome with Malaria. Being days away from any medical help, when administered Stabilized (liquid) Oxygen drops to the workers, which they carried with them to purify water. To everyone’s amazement, the workers were better within hours!

When they returned to the US, they researched further to improve the efficacy of stabilized oxygen to discover that is wasn’t the oxygen that was working at all, it was Sodium Chlorite 28%, which when combined with an activator, becomes the powerful compound; Chlorine Dioxide.
Further research led him to develop a much higher concentration of sodium chlorite (28% vs 3% for stabilized oxygen). When combined with an acid activator, the powerful and completely safe germ-killer, Chlorine Dioxide is created, known now as Water Purification Drops 28%.

They then spent the next 15 years helping victims of Malaria in Africa, where he completed over one hundred thousand clinical trials using MMS, proving its efficacy.

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